Product Detail



3G-W1 Description

Anysecu 3G-W1 is a mini size 3G mobile radio without distance limit nor country limit. The REALPTT platform has low annual cost. Users can freely build teams and groups, on PC dispatcher can real-time monitoring users location, Making call, sending text messages, group calling, team calling and single calling, remote stun and remote kill. such a powerful radio is especially fit for long-distance multi-user interaction.

About3G Radios

1.3G radios work with GSM850/1900/WCDMA B2/B5 or GSM900/1800/WCDMA B1/B8;

2.3G Radio cost data flow, Usually 2.88M/H for continue talk and 0.06M/day standby mode for reference;

3.Radio Support Real PTT platform & Cost User ID Yearly Fee

4.There is no distance or country or area limit, with 3G data covered talk freely

5.Super ID for agency and company manage your IDs

Main Features

* Unlimited Groups

* Unlimited Friends

* Unlimited Members

* Single Call/Group Call/All Call

* Call Records

* GPS Location

* Dispatch Monitor/Call/SMS

* Key Beep on/off

* Time-out-Time

* Program password protect

* Remote Upgrade

General Specification

Frequency Band

2G: GSM850/1900MHz   GSM900/1800MHz

3G: WCDMA B1/B2/B5/B8(2100/1900/850/900MHz)

Operate Power



120x95x38 mm   4.72*3.74*1.50inch


280g   0.62LB



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