How to programming a Radio?


Thanks for your choose ANYSECU, here are tips of how to program:

first of all, prepare the USB data cable, two way radio

1.please power on the radio make it ready

2.please install USB driver if you use USB cable to program (USB Driver can be download on lineor from anysecu download center)

3.Unzip software rar may need choose correctly COM port,often it is 1-15,please try it

5.please shut down anti-virus software if it block programming software

6.please choose correctly radio model and band if you can not read from radios

If can not program please try:

1.check the USB driver correctly installed (please check your PC system to install correctly driver)

2.Check the anti-virus software is off (which may block your software)

3.Check software well installed ( Anti virus software may partly delete your software cause half lost)

4.Check COM port choose if correctly

5.Power on radio

6. press Cable deeper specially for water-proof Radios

for more, inquiry us freely, thanks