How to program DM960 DMR radio


How to program DM960 DMR radio

Download and Install right software and USB driver

Connect USB cable with PC and radio choose correctly com, press read on the software, then power on Radio

Change the settings then write to the radio, that is all.

For more details please refer to the video, thanks


1.please use the correctly cable for the radio, Must install USB driver if your programming cable is USB version;

2.sometimes you must restart your PC to make the software/USB driver work; must choose correctly COM port,often it will automatically choose;

4.please shut down anti-virus software if it block programming software;

5.if fail to read, try press the K1 connector deeply enough or change the USB port;

**sometimes just connect cable and it turn to transmitting mode, try press read/write on software then power on, the moment it power on it will be read/written**

that is all ,thanks for your choose Anyecu Radio

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