How to choose a walkie talkie?


1.the frequency of the radio

If you want to purchase the conventional professional walkie talkie, there are two bands which are recommend, one is the 150MHz band, the other is the 400MHz band.

the 400MHz are widely used in city, According to the electromagnetic theory, the lower the frequency and the longer the wavelength, the weaker the ability of the wave to penetrate the building, but the stronger the diffraction ability, so the UHF is chosen in the dense floor of the city.

The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, the stronger the ability of the wave to penetrate the building, but the weaker the diffraction ability, so in the open area of the wilderness or the sea, the need to diffract the power of a strong wave, so the choice of the VHF is more appropriate.

2.With LCD or without LCD?

The professional walkie talkie has some liquid crystal display, some do not have, which does not mean that the interphone with liquid crystal display is better. consider of the LCD easily broken and damp, some use in harsh environments are not recommend to choose the LCD screen intercom.

2.the power output of the radio

In theory, the power of intercom is basically proportional to the communication distance. The distance of 0.5W intercom is generally 1 kilometers, and 5W's intercom is 3-5 kilometers (the distance in the valley will be greatly reduced). High power will bring great power consumption problem, so it's best to consider the situation you may encounter and the expected communication distance when buying a radio.

3.the Legitimate use of interphone

Civil interphone frequency: (<=0.5 watts of the power, can not be programmed to change the frequency of transmission)most of the country the civil interphone power is limited to 0.5 watts, otherwise users should go to the local radio management committee to apply for an amateur radio license to have a legitimate power radio station.

4.high capability barttery you should have

For outdoor travel or skiing and driving, walkie talkies are the best choice to maintain contact

between teams. The particularity of outdoor activities has put forward some special requirements for our purchase: Intercom power supply,which commonly used are: rechargeable lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries AA. It is generally impossible to charge in outdoor, so the standby time and call time of the interphone are an important parameter, otherwise, it is often the problem that the electric power of the interphone is insufficient in the most need of communication. Generally speaking, choose a high capability battery of radio is importance.and an eliminator is helpful too.

5.easy to operate &maintain

1. Set the correct channel & CTCSS/DCS with your partner.

2, when transmit, please keep the walkie talkie in a vertical position, at least 2.5 centimeters away from the head or body, so as to minimize the radiation to the human body.

3, speak shortly and clear.

4, in using, do not touch antenna, not rotating antenna, otherwise it may burn the skin or damaged interphone.

5,keep batteries away from keys and metal pendants.

6, in the occasion of "closing interphone" logo or flammable and explosive occasions, the interphone should be closed. Such as hospitals, gas stations and other occasions.

7, when charging, the first three charging is best to exceed 12 hours, and it will take 8 hours later. Otherwise it will affect the charging efficiency and battery life after day.

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