Product Detail
Audio Recorder Jammer 

     Power of the sound!    

Desktop Voice Recorder Jammer / Voice Recording Shielding Device with Remote Control

This device dont have electromagnetic radiation, does not emit any electromagnetic wave. It is the sound pressure!  

Main features and technical data:

  • 14 pcs ultrasound speakers

  • Sound frequency:  Human ear unheard ultrasound

  • Interference strength noise: 125 dB

  • Build-in battery: 2500 mA rechargeable battery

  • Chargeing by USB ( 5V )

  • Battery chargeing indicator - Red LED (White light LCD optional)

  • Weight: 450 g

  • Size: High 17 cm / Diameter 11 cm

  • Remote control 315 MHz (433 MHz optional)

  • Remote control distance up to 10 m

  • Interference Mode: Acoustic interference

  • Working Time: Up to 8 hours**

  • Working Temperature: -10℃~40℃

  • Housing Material: Plastic / Metal alloy

  • Sound jamming distance: from 1 m up to 7 meters*

*The effectiveness of jamming depends on many factors; distance, direction of microphones and the volume of the conversation.

**The long time working of the device can cause fatigue.

Video:  Short testing video captured by smartphone Huawei P9.

This device was successfully testing with Analog recorders, Dictaphones and Built-in recorders:

Cassete recorders, olders phones Nokia, Samsung. Recorders with build-in microphone or an on cable microphone. Digital audio recorders that can be found on the market, Olympus, Sanyo, etc. Professional types digital voice recorders: EDIC-mini, Gnome, Olympus, Gnome DR, Papyrus. Smartphones (Huawei, HTC, Samsung, iPhone, Sony, LG, iPad). Wireless microphones, microphones, audio and video recorders. This device also prevents leakage of information through wiretaps analog, digital and seismic with microphone.

Notice: Your home pets (cat, dog) can be discomfort. Animal`s hear sound level is diferent as human.

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