About the GSM/WCDMA Radios


With the development of science and technology, the demand for communication is getting higher and higher. With the development of the global village, the demand for communication distance is getting farther and farther.

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WCDMA/GSM Radio came into being at the historic moment.

  1. Compared with analog/Digital Radios, WCDMA Radio Users ID from platform offers (such as RealPTT, Zello, Walkiefleet and so on) to login account than analog/Digital Radios Channels

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2. The call distance of Analog/Digital Talk distance is proportional to the transmit power, up to 30 km without base station. WCDMA/GSM Radios without distance limit, Can talk anywhere which with network coverage.

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3.About the Cost

The traditional interphone base station cost is quite high, the construction cost of a base station is about 1500USD, the development cost of the dispatching platform is not less than 16000USD. However, the WCDMA/GSM interphone only needs less than 20 US dollar account yearly fee, and you can easily have the scheduling platform and far distance which more than the coverage of the base station.


4.PC dispatcher

Multi terminal joint use is an important advantage of IP interphones. Users can log on mobile phones, computers and intercom terminals (one account can only be login at one place at the same time, multiple accounts need at the same time). on the computer or mobile terminal can check the location of other users on google map in real time, watch trajectory, make group call, all call, receiver/send SMS, remote kill/stun, active.


Then you may ask, why not use the cell phone directly?

yes, the difference between walkie talkie and the phone is what I'm trying to say. In short, you can't initiate a key talkback with your mobile phone, which is not suitable for emergency intercom. and SOS IP Radios can, common radios can, IP Radios can as well

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All in all, the WCDMA/GSM interphone adapts to the trend of history is coming.

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